Thursday, 3 May 2012

Spanking Drawings

Sometimes drawings can convey an erotic power which photographs struggle to equal....and you can add a story..

Mr Brown had decided that all of Form 4B would be punished.  He had given the order "skirts off, knickers down, bend over" and now he was working his way round the class.  Susan yelped as his cane slashed across her bottom and the other girls looked on nervously..

In the 1950s strict mothers knew just how to deal with girls who though they were "grown up"

Marianne was humiliated and her bottom was red hot...

A severe mother administers a sound thrashing to a naughty daughter...

A delightful image from Japan

This one comes with a story.....

I know what this girl needs...


  1. I love these drawings..So evocative of another age

  2. Fantastic Benson drawing. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Hi OFG
      Have just found your site and am very impressed..Im old and havent come across Benson before..Ive just discovered Mr Ts site and am pleased that Im not alone in liking this site and sites like it

  3. You state above that you know what one certain young lady requires, may i also add i know exactly what the bending young woman from japen needs ; and from the look of her well striped posterior she certainly got it . Most excellent indeed.

    Correction Man.

  4. I too love Roger Benson's art. I'm currently working with him on modifying some of his earlier work in preparation for an up-coming book-form compilation of his work, while trying to keep my own writing activities going in the background. Hard work, but fun!

  5. Love all these drawings. They are far more true to life than some of the pics.